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Birds in Namibia

On two trips through Namibia and Botswana I managed to photograph several birds common to these countries. The first trip through Namibia started in the capital city Windhoek. From there I travelled to the south and from there I made kind of a circle, to the coast, then to the north to Etosha and from there back to Windhoek. I did not manage to photograph many birds on this trip. The main focus was on the beautiful landscapes of Namibia and the wild animals. The second trip started in Windhoek as well, but from there I headed to the north, travelling through the Caprivi strip to Botswana. I mainly visited Chobe and the Okavango delta. From there I travelled through the Kalahari back to Windhoek. In the caprivi strip, around chobe and in the Okavango delta I could photograph much more birds.
In februari 2020 I made a roadtrip through Namibia on my own, enabeling me to photograph without compromises. For four weeks everything went as scheduled, but then the weather canged completely, with heavy showers of rain and thunder storms, which made it impossible to reach the caprivi strip/zambesi region. As I wanted to visit this part of Namibia because of the migratory birds that you can expect here it was a bit disappointing. Nonetheless I managed to capture images of birds I had not seen before.

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